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Interactive Swimming Lesson in Singapore

Find out the difference between our swimming lesson and traditional swimming lesson.

Traditional Swimming Lesson places heavy emphasis on repetitive movement which could be boring to children sometimes. Some swimmers might be skillful in swimming. However, it does not guarantee their ability to manipulate swimming skills into other sports or scenarios. 

What You Can Expect

Here we focus on the functional use of swimming skills rather than just teaching swimming itself. We teach children swimming skills and know their respective functional, children will become motivated to learn as they realize a simple swimming skill is transferable to other sports or scenarios.

In addition, We aim to help students cultivate the ability to apply swimming skills into other sports, and to kindle the curiosity and motivation to engage in the swimming lesson not just for the reward. Being the active learners with the ability to apply skills in life will benefit students in the long run.

Fun and Engaging Lessons !

You will notice that our Private Swimming Lesson are lively, and less repetitive. Our children are more likely to generalize swimming skills into other sports, and make them the life skills. It is also better if students do not see swimming lesson as work if you integrate learning to swim into something that he likes. For instance, if the child loves surfing, we teach essential swimming skills that are important as a surfer, if the child likes diving, we emphasize on the techniques of holding breath and overcoming water pressure, etc.

Water Phobia / Slow Learner

We take particular attention when a child repeatedly struggles with a task, we do not force the child to practice that specific task until it’s done correctly, but rather regress a little and add more stepping stones to progress slowly to the desired goals. Be mindful as parents, a stress-free environment is always better for the children learning new skills (Learn to Swim). This will result in smoother transitions into their next level of swimming.

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