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Learn survival swimming techniques from ex Navy Diver

Survival and Distress Swimming Lessons

Sometimes, learning the 4 basic swim strokes isn't enough to ensure one survives in harsh underwater conditions. It takes specialized skills and techniques, especially in deep water.

The predicting and unforgiving natures of waves in the open sea is a completely different proposition to that of your regular swimming pool. Even in deep pool water, accidents happen and every year, thousands of people perish through incidents in open water swimming or deep pool accidents.

Common problems that occur include :

  • panic attacks
  • cramps/sprain that impairs part of one's limbs
  • stung by marine life
  • Unable to cope with huge water currents/waves

Thus, with the experience of our ex Military Naval Diver - Ray, we have designed Singapore's one and only Survival and Distress Swimming Course - SwimRay Survival Swimming Programme. It equips one with unique skills to survive in harsh distress conditions in deep water, such that one is able to continue swimming while waiting to be rescued, or even independently all the way back to shore.

The techniques you will learn from the course : 

  • Anti-panic skills
  • Drownproofing
  • Survival Backstroke and Sidestroke
  • Underwater somersaults
  • Picking up objects while limbs are impaired underwater
  • Swim strokes while limbs are impaired
  • Energy conservation swim
  • Situation assessment and planning
  • Swimming amidst predators
  • Clearing goggles and masks of water
  • Dealing with eye problems such as foggy vision
  • Tread water
  • Open Water Swimming (Survival)

Medical aspects of survival we are covering :

  • Recognizing hypothermia, dealing with injuries, bleeding, cramps, dizziness, and numbness
  • Swimming with injuries or handicaps.

The only such course in Singapore that specializes in Distress Swimming, it has been a forerunner in our SwimRay Academy. We are confident that one would experience a whole different outlook of the sea after this course!

What you will learn


Learn to swim with your limbs tied up, replicating a situation where one's limps are cramped or injured, and where help is not present

Breathholding Swim

Able to conserve breathe at length. Useful in situations where one is capsized in a vehicle, and time is needed to escape from it (canoe, ship, car)

Rescue Techniques

Basic rescue techniques

Stealth Swim

Stealth Side stroke, backstroke while holding gear, learn it here!

Energy Conversation swim

Learn to pace yourself - when to speed up / when to slow down. Do this even while your limbs are impaired! 

Quick Decision Making

They say one can never prepare for an accident in the water, and the best way is to avoid it. Well, here, we prepare you for it, placing you in situations where you make decisions that can save lives!

Survival Swimming Course FAQ

Who should sign up for the course ? 

Anyone who wishes to pick up swimming techniques that are akin to military standards. Military swimming emphasizes survival swimming in all conditions, especially in distressful ones, and that is what we replicate. 

What you can expect from the course ?

Confidently confront tough challenges and situations while under distress in the water. Yet be adequately prepared by us. 

Where will the lessons be conducted ?

The lessons will be taught mostly at condo pools, and one session would be conducted at open water of your choice (depending on your comfort-optional)

Any requirement before signing up ?

To achieve the best learning outcome - we recommend that one would be able to swim at least breaststroke or front crawl.

Stroke efficiency test : 30m swim without rest.

Can a non-swimmer sign up ?

Yes, but the efficiency of the course may not be fully experienced. Learning pace may also be affected as water confidence is not present. Highly recommended to at least do a block of our SwimRay Learn to Swim programs first.

Is my stroke efficient enough to join this course ?

We always schedule an one-off session to access your stroke efficiency, and we will advice you accordingly.

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