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SwimRay  : +65 9099 3142

Learn open water swim with Triathlon coach in Singapore

Open Water Swimming Lesson

SwimRay has been at the forefront at training individuals and groups for open water swimming in Singapore - triathlons, charity swimming, endurance swimming challenges and a host of similar open water occasions.

Each swimming event is different - thus the lesson is individually designed to suit your stroke, techniques, speed, and aerobic fitness - to help you concur different water conditions in the open sea.

Some common problems that occur in open water swim include :

  • Breathless and unable to rest in deep water
  • Goggles and masks of water, eye problems such as foggy vision
  • Unable to swim straight
  • Poor Navigation
  • Stroke and breathing affected by wave and choppy water

Thus, our open water programme includes instruction on the important techniques needed to be successful-  We teach you to ensure your safety in the sea and also to gain a steady improvement in your times and distances.

If you are looking for a comprehensive course to master open water techniques in Singapore - the team at SwimRay will get you there quicker!

Find out more about our course details below!

What have you got to lose - apart from that race? 

Master the basic Open Water Techniques with us!

The basic skills and techniques you should know for open water swim!

Sign up for our open water swimming course to learn more! 

Planning #1

Strategize your swim and execute according to race route 

Sighting #2

Navigate the course effectively with our complete sighting techniques

Drafting #3

Improve drafting technique to save up 30% energy and shed off your timing during open water swim.

Stroke Rate #4

Learn to adjust your stroke rate and concur different water conditions!

Pacing #5

Pace yourself the right way at the right time. 

Tactical Swim #6

Adopt different swimming techniques and skills for different situations.

Open Water Swimming

Who should sign up for the course ? 

Anyone who wish to build their fundamental techniques for open water races -  A step by step guide for beginner looking to compete in open water races.

What you can expect from the course ?

We emphasize more on techniques rather than fitness - lots of correction instead of up and down the pool. An intensive course to address mainly techniques - prepare you for the open water swim.

Where will the lessons be conducted ?

The lessons will be taught mostly at swimming pool, some sessions will be conducted at Sentosa beach.

Any requirement before signing up ?

To achieve the best learning outcome - we recommend you to master front crawl stroke before signing up.

Stroke efficiency test : 100m swim (front crawl) without rest.

Can breastroker sign up ?

Of course, we have coaches who specialized in breastroke to guide you through your race. We will emphasize on your stroke efficiency and tailor workout just for you.

Is my stroke efficient enough to join this course ?

We always schedule an one-off session to access your stroke efficiency, and we will advice you accordingly.

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  Open Water Swimming

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Open Water Swim Training

Find out how you can become a better open water swimmer.

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