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When lessons are cancelled..

Cancellation Policy

Bad Weather

In the event of rain

  1. Light showers without thunder lessons will still carry on as usual (We do a very thorough check for weather reports to ensure safety)
  2. In the event that the instructor has already started the lesson and has entered the water, and thunder occurs, lessons will be charged half the session as long as less than half the sessions has passed (aka anything less than 15 minutes). 
  3. If half of the session has already passed, aka anything more than 15 minutes, lessons will be considered fully charged when thunder occurs

That said, please let us know as soon as possible of possible weather fluctuations as we normally take half an hour on the road to reach any venue. So any heads up earlier will do wonders! 

Personal Reason

There is a few price packages available.

  • if one were to purchase sessions in bulk of 8, 2 postponements made more than 8 hours in advance would be available.

  • if one were to purchase 10 sessions in advance, 3 postponements/changes made more than 8 hours in advance would be available.  

  • Any other postponement that is more than the above stated would be considered as full charged lesson unless they are holiday plans informed at least 15 days in advance.

That said, even if there are still changes available..

  • Any changes informed less than 8 hours in advance, there is a charge of 15 percent of a lesson.

  • Any changes informed less than 6 hours in advance, there would be a charge of 30percent of a class. While any lesson informed change in less than 3 hours would be fully charged.

Do take note that bad weather(thunder) postponement is not considered as a count for the above-mentioned policy. 

Do I get make up lesson

Of course the above stated is on a case by case basis to prevent frequent cancellations/postponements. If we are all committed to getting your child to swim, we are pretty sure the policies won't kick in. We are flexible to arrange a change of class as long as it fits my timing and it is informed much earlier in advance (a week at least). Every hour is important to us instructors and we hope we can seek your kind understanding in the policy too because every postponement means no earnings for us during that hour.

Hope i can seek everyone's understanding of these procedures which have been tried and tested over years to ensure the maximum experience for everyone involved 👍👍👍

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