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When lessons are cancelled..

Cancellation Policy

Bad Weather

In the event of rain

Bad weather is defined as lightning activity, haze of >150 psi. As long as there is no indication of lightning activity on Weather SG ,classes will carry on.

In the event that the instructor has already reached the venue and entered the water, and lightning occurs, lessons will be charged half the session as long as less than half the sessions has passed (aka anything less than 15 minutes). 
If half of the session has already passed, aka anything more than 15 minutes, lessons will be considered fully charged when lightning occurs
That said, please let us know as soon as possible of possible weather fluctuations as we normally take half an hour on the road to reach any venue. So any heads up earlier will do wonders!

Cancellation policies for classes that have less than 3 students

  • 4 class package-1 cancellation available
  • 8 class package-2 cancellation available

In the case of two students to one instructor ratio, both parents must be agreeable for cancellation of classes. If more than the supposed amount of cancellations has been utilised, a class would still carry on if one student is absent. The rate charge to the session would be at price of $70 SGD for one to one price. The student that is present is still charged $45 SGD from their balance, with the remaining $25 SGD deducted from the absent students' balance (hence absent student need not pay full charge for being absent).

That said, cancellations have to be informed more than 6 hours in advance, if not, 50% of the class would be charged.

Cancellation policy for classes of 3 students and more

  • 8 class package-1 cancellations is available.
  • 10 class package - 2 cancellations is available

Do note that public pool classes are charged at average of $200 per 8 sessions with no cancellations available, and student ratio of 1 coach to 10 students. We try our best to be as flexible as we can, but with our dedicated service of heading down to your location, and only a slight increase in price compared to public pools, this is the maximum cancellations we can offer.

Medical Certificate

That said, if a child is able to present a medical certificate, cancellation is not counted.

Holiday plans and instructor unavailability

Holiday plans informed more than 14 days in advance would not be considered as a cancellation of classes. 

Likewise, our instructors may have to conduct swimming competitions, and swimming tests, or enroll themselves in courses to upgrade themselves to serve you better.

These dates may affect your schedule day, and our instructors will inform you 14 days in advance for these dates. Feel free to suggest an alternative date with our coaches if it fits their time!

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