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Swimming Lesson designed for ladies

Lady Swimming Lesson 

Female Instructors for Ladies swimming lesson

If you are more comfortable learning from female instructors, SwimRay is keen to provide the professional female coaches to help you to learn to swim.

At SwimRay, we ensure you pay for what you get, we carefully selected qualified female swimming coaches to be on-board. Our swimming coaches are not the typical run-to-the-mill swimming coaches. They have been trained and selected to have specialized water skills, and the ability to improvise on swimming programs based on differing individuals. Most importantly, they are able to connect well with our clients and make them feel comfortable picking up a new sport.

Be aware that as there are lesser Female swimming instructors in the coaching industry, the fees for getting a female instructors are generally higher.

Male instructors for Girls/Ladies Swimming Lessons

Many females are apprehensive about engaging male instructors for their swimming classes. This is due to the common notion that such pedagogy requires a certain level of hand holding, and the common apprehensiveness from revealing one’s fear to an opposite gender.

At Swimray, we strive to change perceptions.Our female - Learn To Swim programs can be conducted without any necessary hand holding, and are designed to allow our clients to open up their phobia and obstacles as comfortable as they can.

Respect for client. We always ask permission if we need to hold your arms or ankle for stroke correction. Contact point for adult swimmers will only be at : Elbow / Knee / Ankle / Wrist / Head . Even so,we are able to conduct our programs without these points too!

If one needs recommendations from our female clients, feel free to check out our review page on Facebook, or even ask us for testimonials from our lady clients!

Find out more about the lesson at Adult Swimming Lesson !

Private Swimming Lesson for ladies

Small classes give you the personal attention you deserve. We offer various lessons for all types of swimmers. It's never too young or too old to get in the water, feel confident, and have fun! 

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