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Start early! Be ready! A family bonding activity 

Toddler Swimming Lessons

Private Swimming Lesson for Toddlers

Water confidence, overall motor coordination in the early years

Between the age of 0-3 is the age range where a child's motor coordination pathway for the rest of his or her life is built and set. After that, improving motor coordination skills get tougher as muscle neurons have developed and stabilized to a standard routine. 

This is the same as water confidence. If a child was to be exposed to water activities early, it improves the child's ability to pick up swimming strokes at a faster pace when they grow older and negates the possibility of them having the need to overcome the fear barrier then. 

A family bonding activity

Parents are encouraged to head into the pool with their loved ones if they are apprehensive with someone new. The time spent with the child in the water, assisting the instructor in teaching new techniques and methods with the child, is a special moment for many parents. We ensure that to be part of the initial stage of picking up a life skill and to be spending that half an hour with the child is something special the family looks forward to weekly.

Swimming lessons for toddlers

Gain confidence in the water while learning the basic swim strokes

Water confidence and comfort


Introduction to basic strokes

Develop motor coordination abilities as water is the best avenue to to do at a young age

Dunking underwater

Built essential muscles that would hasten the pace of the learning of the 4 basic strokes when ready

Enjoy water through games

Doggy paddle

Blowing bubbles, Exhaling underwater, holding breath, controlled breathing

Flutter kicks, front/back swim, hand paddling

Mostly with the assistance of parents

Swim With Us

Small classes give you the personal attention you deserve. We offer various lessons for all types of swimmers. It's never too young or too old to get in the water, feel confident, and have fun! 

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