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Private Swimming Lessons for Children

Kids Swimming Lesson

Swimming is no doubt the top leisure sport in Singapore, as the majority of people who live in our tropical island climate would have been exposed to classes when they were young. It is a thriving business which has many service providers, but what makes the difference between one and the other?

That is what we questioned ourselves when we started 5 years ago. We wanted to not just be another children swimming teacher, but we wanted to be unique. We wanted to cater to a particular group of parents who not only want their children to learn swimming, but want them to learn with a definite syllabus, a time line, have fun, and most important pick up survival skills in whatever kind of distress they may find themselves in the water.

Learn to Swim

How we approach children for the first session ?

First lesson nerves in a swimming pool is more often than not a daunting experience for young children. Thus we take extra effort to sneak in rapport building conversations and games to engage them and open up their trust to us. Different children has different characteristics, and we can confidently say we are able to establish what kind of method to use on a particular child after the first few lessons.

Besides rapport building and structuring the best-fit term plan for children during the first few classes, we also have physical objectives to meet. Physical and skill progress is a must in every class initially, as it is during these initial classes where a child can built or lose confidence that goes a long way.

How We Teach Swimming

We pride ourselves to note that we seldom advocate for lessons which has singing songs, playing with a lot of toys etc - unless for toddler or infant swimming lessons. We jump straight into action once the trust has been established. Hand stroke and leg strokes are being taught respectively depending on which body part the child is confident with. Added on, we do not commit much time to getting our students to learn how to put their face in the water, as we are able to slowly get them to do it once they have established certain swimming skills.

Children's Learn To Swim Progress

Typically a child will be able to pick up basic breaststroke and be water safe after a maximum of 24 classes with us. Parents would be able to see tangible improvement as the child would not be doing repetitive drills again and again, but more of picking up skill after skill that would ultimately aid them in water safety and swimming by themselves.

Find out more about our specialized swimming instructors if your child has not been progressing well so far with his/her current swimming instructors.

We are not perfect, but we aim to be!

Skills to learn in Private Swimming Lessons

Grow your children into all-rounded swimmers

Breaststroke, Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly Stroke

Treading water with ease

Guaranteed Passing rate of SwimSafer Programs and National Service tests

Independent swimming without assistance from parent

Water Confidence

Meticulous precision in techniques

Ease with water on face and head, dunking underwater

Ease in swimming leisure laps

Able to race and compete with speed

Children's Progress

SMART Learn to Swim Program from Private Swimming Lessons 

Private Swimming Lessons for Children

Individual Swimming Lesson is the best for young children learning to swim. It gives the child more personal attention to ensure his/her learning and the safety. It's never too young or too old to get in the water, feel confident, and have fun! 

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