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SwimRay  : +65 9099 3142

Private Swimming Lessons for Adults

Adult learn swimming in Singapore. Choose Private 1-to-1 Swimming Lessons and learn at your convenience! Condominium Lessons or private lessons at public pool are both welcome !

Adult Swimming Lessons Singapore

It is never too late for Adult Learn To Swim

Being able to swim is a life skill which many people acquire in their childhood. For those adults who for whatever reason, weren’t able to learn when they were young, it can be rather off-putting to attend group class in public swimming pools. Perhaps your figure isn’t as slender and youthful as it once was, or perhaps you are embarrassingly phobic about being in the water.

Time is of even more importance to adults, with family and work, and we understand that.

Hectic work schedule, time spent on the kids are examples of how a typical modern day adult hustle throughout daily life. Thus the worry of needing to commit time to learn a new skill, out of one's comfort zone in an already hectic lifestyle is daunting. Fret now, as mentioned, we personalize our swimming classes to all age groups and clients. We will do our best to ensure one picks up the swim skills he or she wants to learn, in the shortest amount of time possible. Our private swimming instructors will ensure lessons do not sound like a commitment, but something to learn and look forward to, in a bid to de-stress away from one's hectic lifestyle.

Fitness resolutions with a personal swimming coach, a personal friend

Instructors from our swim school do not see ourselves as a coach to adult clients, rather we see ourselves as a friend that shares professional swimming techniques with them. We see ourselves as a medium to advice and design swim workout routines in the water, to meet fitness goal with a schedule. We are there to be a family friend that does our best to cater to every clients' differing needs and schedule, to help them reach their personal targets through private lessons.

Learn to swim - Never miss out the fun in the water!

A list of water activities you can find in Singapore. Having basic swimming skills boosts your confidence and water safety. Rest assured you will learn to swim and able to enjoy the water activities you have ever dream of.

Open Water Swimming

Scuba Diving

Kayaking or Canoeing




What To Expect

Effective Swimming Lesson designed through sports science 

Our lessons won’t just have you doggie paddling up and down the pool (although you’ll be amazed how fast you get confident enough to get those feet off of the bottom)! We teach you both the theory and the practice of swimming in the most efficient way, so that you can avoid those pain and injury that many swimmers will experience. You’ll learn what you are supposed to do, and how to do it. 

We teach you to swim correctly from the very start

You’ll be slicing through the water with a technique which is both easy to achieve and professional to look at.

Experienced Coaches

Our instructors are all experienced swimmers, and are willing to pass on their expertise to junior and leisure swimmers who wish to improve their techniques and speed.

Don’t be the one sitting on the beach while everyone else is romping in the water. Gain poise and confidence, learn to swim the professional way, and find out just what you’ve been missing.

Master Swimming Skills with

Adult Swimming Lessons

Breaststroke, Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly

Achieving Fitness Goals

Treading water with ease

Independent swimming without assistance from parent

Water Confidence

Meticulous precision in techniques

Ease in swimming leisure laps

Able to race and compete with speed

Ease with water on face and head, dunking underwater, group swimming techniques

Adult's Progress

SMART Lesson for Adult learning to swim

Learn to Swim from Private Swimming Instructors

Certified and experienced swimming teachers from different organisations and training institutions.

Private Swimming Lessons designed for Adults 

Individual swimming classes give you the personal attention you deserve. We offer various lessons for all types of swimmers. It's never too young or too old to get in the water, feel confident, and have fun! 

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