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SwimRay  : +65 9099 3142

Aquatic Fitness Lesson Singapore

Aquatic fitness classes 

Looking for something other than your routine lap swimming or gym/running to get into shape? Wanting to get into the latest High Intensity Interval Training trend, yet joints ain't working that well ?

Aquatic fitness makes use of resistance in the water to increase cardio fitness and muscle tone. It is a series of aerobic exercises centered around cardiovascular and strength exercises in shallow or chest-deep water. You would be surprised how it improves your range of motion and improves your core muscles!

A low impact activity, it is a popular activity for pregnant ladies, and also for people with injuries that are looking for continuous exercises without additional wear and tear on their bodies.

Look no further than our fun workouts that take into account personal preferential workload, intensity, equipment. We implement games, science, and intensity to ensure one never has to face the problem of needing to motivate oneself to go for a workout! Try us out!

What you can expect from Aquatic Fitness Lesson!

Aquatic Fitness

Bored of workout on land? Replicate it with us in cooling water! 


Learn how to recover your muscles and joints through water exercises.


Anaerobic workouts that pushes your heartrate to race! Pumps the bloods and gets your adrenaline moving for sure!


No LAPS! Swim while playing games for all ages!

Weight Training

Wanted to grow muscles but bored of the gym or afraid of straining joints? Get those weights done in the pool!

Lots of Fun !

Innovative plans that brings a whole different outlook to your impression of the pool!

Join Us

Our Aquatic Fitness programs will give you the personal attention you deserve. We offer various lessons for swimmers with different ability. It's never too young or too late to get in the water, feel confident, and have fun!

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