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+65 9099 3142


Looking for a challenge?

Something more fun than laps?

Itching to jump into the sea?

Specialized Swimming Program

The only swimming course in Singapore that equips one with unique skills to survive in harsh distress conditions in deep water, such that one is able to continue swimming while waiting to be rescued, or even independently all the way back to shore.

Learn Open Water Swimming and enjoy going to East Coast or Sentosa Beach with ease. We teach you Open Water Safety and the correct techniques to swim efficiently in the sea. 

Look no further than our fun workouts that take into account personal preferential workload, intensity, equipment. We implement games, science, and intensity to ensure one never has to face the problem of needing to motivate oneself to go for a workout! Try us out!

Swim With Us

SwimRay Special Programme will give you the personal attention you deserve. We offer various lessons for swimmers with different ability. It's never too young or too late to get in the water, feel confident, and have fun!

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