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Specialized Private Swimming Instructor

Experienced Swimming Coaches for beginner "Learn to Swim" 

SwimRay was started by two swimming enthusiasts, Ray and Jay back in their University Days.

Ray, developed his passion for the water through his enlistment into the elite Naval Diving Unit for the Singapore Armed forces. While Jay found his love for open water swimming and began his coaching career after graduated from the university.

Having both graduated from Nanyang Technological University, with Ray specializing in the Sports Sciences, and Jay captaining his schools' biathlon team both have put their passion into play by going full time into the industry.

Utilising a unique teaching approach that combines personalized fun and efficiency through science, SwimRay is guaranteed to get one swimming in no time!

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Our Team

Jay Lin

Triathlon Coach

Toddler Swimming Lesson

Children Learn To Swim

Adult Learn To Swim

Triathlon Swim

Ray Kua

Ex Naval Rescue Diver

Baby Water Confidence

Toddler Survival Swimming

Children Learn To Swim

Water Survival Techniques

Julia Chua

Educational Therapist

Special Needs Children

SwimRay Coaching Consultant

Children with Learning Difficulties

Ray Kua Hiong Yong


  • AUSTSWIM Coach
  • Naval Diving Unit (Ex)
  • Certified Lifeguard (Bronze Medallion Course)
  • Sports Science and Management, Second Upper-Class Degree (Nanyang Technological University)
  • Ministry of Education Registered Sports Instructor
  • First AID Provider (CPR+AED Certified)

Effective Training with Science and Psychology


Coach Ray had swimming lessons when he was young, yet it paid off miserably due to the poor quality of coaching received. After learning for a full year through mass swimming classes, he came away with just basic foundations of breaststroke.

Naval Diving Unit

With such a limited skill set, he was surprisingly still enlisted into the Naval Diving Unit through physiology selection. Motivated to complete one of the elite courses of the Singapore Military, he went full gear to practice his swim strokes taught by his instructors during the weekends and managed to complete his course. Thereafter he was posted to the Clearance Diving group where he specialized in Rescue and Salvage Diving.

Foray into swim coaching in university days

His operations propelled his love for water, and he went on to complete his AUSTSWIM and Lifesaving / Bronze Medallion right after his military duties.


Ray went on to do his degree in Nanyang Technological University's Sports Science and Management course, achieving Second Upper-Class Honours. Having started coaching since University Year 1, he has been implementing modern techniques/science and more importantly sports psychology, to design his lesson plans. His key is to ensure students have fun, while efficiently improving their skill sets through a sense of personal touch. Having struggled as a weak swimmer in his teenage years before his enlistment, Coach Ray can empathize the struggles of a non-swimmer, and hence is able to relate to and coach in a caring way.

Nanyang Technological University's biathlon team

With a competitive swimming background, coach Jay joined the biathlon team in his university days and was exposed to various swimming techniques used in different water sports.

Being the representitive of the school team allowed him to learn closely from some of the best Swimming / Triathlon coaches in Singapore.

Jay was determined to use his skills to help others concur the open water.

International Open Water workshops

Since then, Jay has helped more than 200 beginners learned to swim and more than 100 triathletes concurred their fears for open water. His expertise includes overseas open water workshops, especially Taiwan and China, where he was invited to share his Upper-Class in the deep seas of those countries. 

Jay L.


  • Triathlon SG Coach LEVEL 1 ( 2019 ) 
  • NROC Swimming Level 1 ( 2019 Dec )
  • Swimming Teaching Association certified
  • Ministry of Education - Sports Instructor
  • FIRST AID Provider (CPR + AED certified) 
  • Child & Infant First AID Provider 
  • Psychological First AID Provider
  • Graduated from Nanyang Technological University

Coach Education

We select professional institutes to train our coaches and making each of us competent.

Private Swimming Lesson

SwimRay gives you the personal attention you deserve. We offer various lessons cater to different needs. It's never too young or too late to get in the water, feel confident, and have fun!

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