SwimRay  : +65 9099 3142

SwimRay  : +65 9099 3142

Toddler Learn to Swim :

Water Confidence

Here we have 3 years old Yee Ler! Following in the footsteps of his two elder sisters who has lessons under Coach Ray , he started Learn To Swim swimming classes just less than a year ago. He now has the water confidence to thread water and swim full length of the pool, at just a little over 3 years old! 

Our program is centered on a skills based program no matter the age of the children. Going against the common notion of needing to incorporate singing songs and playing plenty of water games with children at this age, we challenge them and ourselves to pick up tangible water survival and learn to swim skills no matter their age.

As one can see Yee Ler has an apprehension of putting his face in the water, a common problem many children face. But at SwimRay, instead of focusing on always correcting their weaknesses, we work around them instead to built trust with the children. Once they feel competent enough in the water, and feel safe with us, we would then slowly work on those weaknesses again. The key is to adapt according to our students fear so they can be motivated to learn to swim even more!

Stay tuned for his progress.. Very soon! 

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