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The Most Exciting Swimming Lessons for Kids in Singapore

A big thank you to Tickikids. Singapore for recognising our services as one of the best swimming lessons in Singapore!

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Tickikids.Singapore is a premier go-to source for children's activities. To have them feature our swimming lessons is a big motivation for us to continually uphold, innovate, and create even memorable swimming moments for our students!

Quote from Tickikids. Singapore:

"Presenting a professional presence, on every level, is absolutely vital for SwimRay, so they choose only those instructors who have had on-the-ground experience of working or competing in stressful water environments.

We have no doubt about its leadership: from former naval divers, triathletes, competitive swimmers to rescue divers, they are surely equipped for providing expert swimming tuition, individualised training delivery and, if needed, for an emergency situation"

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