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Adult - Swim Stroke Correction

"If you can already swim well and are confident in the water you don't really want months of swimming lessons. 

Sometimes all you need is a quick series of corrections to hone your stroke and your swimming techniques.

Our power stroke correction clinics are specifically designed for active learners who want to explore swimming and improve on their own - without getting into an endless cycle of lessons.

What we do at SwimRay, is a short-term, intensive, one-to-one stroke analysis and correction - for as long as you want it - where we act as advisors - rather than coaches.

You can go off and practice what we teach - and come back for more - or leave it there. There is no formal structure - and we will only target those problem areas you want to sort out.

This kind of informal coaching is ideal for those of you who are self-learners - the pace is intense - instead of lots of swimming, the emphasis is on drills and techniques - which you can then work through at your own pace - in your own time.

The fee structure is informal too. Instead of a set fee for a series of lessons - we are fine with a cash payment after each session - this makes it all more flexible - to suit your needs - as well as your pocket ..

Get started today - and call us for a chat about what you want to improve with your swimming !

Find out more at Swim Stroke Correction and schedule an One-Off Session to try it out !

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