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Private Swimming Coach in Singapore

    How to select a Private Swimming Coach in Singapore ?

It is a common misconception that being a gold-medal winner or competitive athletes means one has the knowledge to teach that specific sport. Some of the best coaches in sporting history, ranging from Sir Alex Ferguson in soccer to Jose Mourinho, did not play at a competitive level.

Coaching is a teaching skill. It is a pedagogy and an entirely different skill set compared to the act of doing the sport itself. A science teacher may not be able to conduct scientific experiments but he is definitely able to impart scientific knowledge to students in the hope that it can inspire them to do so next time.

At SwimRay, we select swimming coaches who have undergone varying stressful conditions in water, and have proven to have the unique experiences in handling distress in water. These coaches range from Swimmers, Naval Divers, Commandos, to triathletes. We then ensure they are well trained and well drilled in the mechanics of swim teaching. This would then enable them to touch on their on-ground experience to combat water phobia for students, teach them the right way to handle stress in water, and teach them swimming strokes and water skills that would ease them through the national Swimsafer tests.

Other than our in house training, we also make sure our coaches are sent to the relevant coaching bodies to get certified too!

Does a coach who have extra knowledge in other fields, aka special needs, motor coordinative movements, Ministry of education-trained, make a difference ?

In the realm of children and toddler swimming lessons, knowledge in the psychology and physical behaviour of them aids greatly in enhancing their learning. Teaching swimming is a skill, as mentioned earlier. Being able to tap on unique experiences of teaching swimming is also another whole level of skill. With additional knowledge it is another layer of skill. See it as a pyramid! 

SwimRay - Private swimming coaches :

  • Level 1: Equipped with a standard swimming certification. No on ground experience working or competing under stressful water conditions.

  • Level 2: Equipped with Standard swimming certification, and have experience working or competing in stressful water conditions , aka competitive swimmers, Naval Divers, triathletes, open water swimmers, or life saver.

  • Level 3: Equipped with Standard swimming certification, and have experience working or competing in stressful water conditions , aka Naval Divers, triathletes. AND expert knowledge in the realm of special needs, motor coordinative growth, ministry of education trained.

Is my children making good progress? He/She seems to be having a lot of fun!

The whole idea of hiring a swimming teacher is well, because you want an expert to analyse what is a good progress while conduct the swimming lesson for your kids professionally and safely.

Some coaches gets the kids to have plenty of fun, taking care never to push them so they do not cry. Some coaches socialise very well with the parents and kids. These are all good traits to have!

At SwimRay, we value efficiency, progress, coupled with safety. There may be a few swimming classes where your child may feel stressful about, there may be periods where they feel it is all fun and games. To us, it is a journey where we prioritise the child's learning by complementing the right amount of challenges and fun in every swimming class. With us, your child will be challenged at times and will have fun at times. But what you will see throughout the journey is a comprehensive coaching program that ultimately ensures they do what we are hired for: overcome water phobia, learn to swim, swim stroke correction, handle distress in water, and complete water safety.

Let us save you both time and money!

Can the coach perform CPR & know how to operate an AED in a case of an emergency?

Always ensure that your coach has a valid CPR & AED Certificate. Such certifications are only valid for two years, so ensure your coach has done his refresher when expiry dates are near!

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Coaching Certificate

If you are looking for swimming lesson at your nearest public swimming pool, SwimRay has short listed a few qualified National Registry of coaches that are professional and patient. Find out more from us !

Singapore Swimming Teacher Association is under the International Federation of Swimming Teacher Association. Structured training and prerequisite makes them one of the best training institute for swimming coaches.

AUSTSWIM Coaching Certificate is the most commonly seem swim coaching certificate in Singapore. Coaches that are trained under AUTSWIM have the opportunities to select their coaching path in future, such as Aquatic program, toddler and infant coaching programs.

Some of us from SwimRay are certified triathlon coaches or members under Triathlon Association Singapore. 

When it comes to open water swimming event such as triathlon swim or long distance swim - We are the one who understand the risk and are able to conduct training safely and professionally.

Safety Certificate

Singapore Life Saving Society is the official organisation that trains life guard. It's important for parents to engage coaches that are certified in life saving to ensure the safety of your child.

Singapore Emergency Responder Academy provides different types of First AID courses. It is one of the training provider with accreditation from Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council and approved by the Ministry of Manpower.


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