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Open Water Swimming

Do you want to become an open water swimmer? Do you have goals of competing in Triathlon, or getting over your fear of beaches and lakes?

If you want to train for top level competitions, triathlons, and ocean or lake swimming, or simply bored with the same old lane pools, you’ll want sign up for this course.

Our Open Water Swim Training is extremely beneficial for triathletes, competitive swimmers, swimmers looking for a challenge, surfers, kayakers, fishermen, and people who are near open water like beaches and lakes.

How Open Water Swim Is Different?

Open water swimming presents the swimmer with challenges that are never experienced in a pool. Rough waters, tides, waves and a lack of lanes are just a few. It takes considerably more energy and requires a different approach than swimming in a lap pool. There’s no lanes or walls to rest on. There’s no line at the bottom to follow your straight path. For some swimmers this is a fear, for others, it is an invigorating challenge.

Do You Know…

  • Open water swimmers have significantly higher stroke rate
  • Competitive pool swimmers might not be able to swim straight in open water
  • Swimming in open water is technical due to the waves, current, and not easy to see a straight path
  • Open water swimmers have to “sight” frequently to adjust their direction of swimming
  • Drafting behind a swimmer in an open water swim saves approx. 30% of your effort
  • If you have always wanted to learn open water swim, contact us to find out more details!

What You Will Learn From Open Water Swim Training

  • How to follow a straight path while swimming in the open water
  • Open water safety ( High Tide Low Tide / Direction of Tide / Undercurrent / Potential Hazard )
  • The better stroke refinement for open water swimming
  • How to go through tides
  • How to handle waves
  • How to increase your swimming endurance and strength for open water swim
  • How to get more comfortable in open water swimming
  • Techniques of Drafting
  • Turning at the buoy
  • When and Why should you speed up

Our open water swim training is usually conducted in one-to-one format before moving into group lessons. We will address the important techniques and train you in the pool before heading into Open Water such as Sentosa Beach. Find out more at Open Water Swimming Lesson! Contact Us to find out more about the program!

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