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SwimRay  : +65 9099 3142


Swimming Lessons for Kids in Singapore

Every child is different, just like how no pair of thumbprints are the same !

Many times, coaches coach with a standard routine and template for every child. Over here at SwimRay, we strongly do not believe in that. Every child is different in their learning pace, likes and dislikes, and of course their physiology buildup. We place great pride in our ability to design different teaching methods and different syllabus for every child so that they not only learn efficiently but more important to learn happily.

Taking the first step to sign your children up for swimming lessons is a daunting task. The idea of needing to sacrifice one's weekends and adding on to your child's already packed weekdays is not an easy choice to make. And also the huge question mark of whether the time given to the coach can be efficiently made use of.  

Here at SwimRay, we go out of the way to ensure we are just not another coach to the family. We bring the word "personal" in a personal coach to a whole new level. We believe in our commitment to be flexible as we can to cater to the families' needs, to celebrate the happiness of their child, and to most importantly sought to understand their child as much as possible not just as a student, but as a playmate and mentor at the same time. We believe in our importance as a mentor and playmate to the child during that short session every week, and we strive to ensure the family and child looks forward to the lessons!

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