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Children Learn to Swim and Survival Swimming Skills by Coach Ray

As one of the two head coaches of Swimray, Ray pioneered the unique syllabus of Swimray's children swimming lessons: "Survival Swimming Skills-Learn to swim program"

Tapping on his unique blend of experience in the Naval Diving Unit and teaching in local primary and secondary schools, he is able to implement the perfect balance of patience, effectiveness and discipline in coaching young children to overcome their fear of swimming, and thus to learn to swim with water confidence. 

Having enlisted as a weak swimmer in the Naval Diving Unit due to undesirable coaching when he was younger, Ray struggled in the initial phases of the training. Yet, the Naval Diving Unit taught a unique syllabus that was not only highly effective, but equally progressive in enhancing Ray's swimming skills over just a short period of time. All that was needed was effort, discipline and more importantly a willingness to listen. Ray ended up graduating as a Combat Diver in the course and went on to assist in clearance and salvage diving operations in the unit. 

After the stint in the military, he started teaching in schools for physical education and competitive sports. These stints taught him how to patiently motivate and teach young children while keeping them interested. 

With the combination of receiving an effective coaching method from Naval Diving Unit and working with children, he thus managed to blend both together to formulate unique methods to enable children as young as 3 years old to swim full pool length breaststroke. With his sports science knowledge from his time spent in Nanyang Technological University, he ensures that all the training is also done with progressive and tangible steps that parents can see in their children's progress. 

At SwimRay, we emphasis on our differing specialities  of our coaches, and this allows us to match make the best coaches to your differing needs! Be it competitive training, learn to swim, and so on. 

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