SwimRay  : +65 9099 3142

SwimRay  : +65 9099 3142

Swim Stroke Correction in Singapore

swim better and faster with Private Swimming Lessons to correct your swimming techniques.

Flexible lesson day and time at your preferred condominium or public swimming pool.

Swim Stroke Correction

The Swim Stroke Correction program takes its focus on correcting bad stroke, injury prevention, teaching you how to correct your own stroke.

If you are semi-comfortable in the water, can swim using 1 main stroke with at least 200 meters, you may consider this program to help you improve. If you want to learn how to lap swim, build up your endurance and speed, the Swim Stroke Correction program is for you.

Why do you need a stroke correction if you already know how to swim?

Beginners often find themselves...

  • Struggling with going longer distances without stopping for rest
  • Not confident in deep water
  • Sloppy swim strokes
  • Improper rotary breathing
  • Want to learn to flip turns
  • Back pain ( Spinal )
  • Shoulders & Neck Pain
  • Sinking

If you find yourself having any of these problems or other unsatisfactory with your swimming techniques, schedule a session with us and let us share with you more on how you can improve.

What can you expect after the Program

  • You will be able to swim at least 200m with proper techniques without being breathless
  • You will learn the techniques and skills to calm yourself in the water
  • You will master bilateral breathing
  • You will learn lap swimming techniques such as wall turns
  • You will develop "Water Feel"
  • Improve your breathing, refine your strokes, and increase muscle memory

Schedule an One-Off Session with us today and find out more on how we can help ! 

Private Swimming Lessons for

Swim Stroke Correction

Sign up for our Swim Stroke Correction lesson and swim effectively within just a few sessions !

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