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Personalised Swimming Lesson For Differing Needs

Private Swimming Lesson in Singapore

Learn how to swim with Private Swimming Instructors

In SwimRay, we are different in our approach as we emphasis on Sports Sciences to plan our swim programs. Sports Psychology is complemented with Sports physiology and unique personalised coaching techniques to get the best of out of our students.

Having been on the receiving end of not-so-desirable coaching when we were young, we have a passion to implement our expertise in Sports Sciences to have everyone learn swimming in a way which is best suited to their pace, character, and confidence (psychology) and motor coordination (physiology). 

Just like thumbprints, we believe that no two students can ever benefit fully from the same training plan. Every individual is different, and we plan different plans for different individuals.

Our work with you does not stop at the pool. We take pride in our meticulous planning after and before sessions, to ensure every session is better than the last. Gone are the days where copy and paste routine classes occur! Swim with us!

Young or adult, we welcome you to be part of our personalized swimming lessons!

Swimming Lessons for all age of beginners

Children's motor skills are hugely affected in their toddler years. Getting them exposed early in swimming lesson not only shortens their learning time when they grow older, but it helps overcome the main barrier in young children-water phobia

An essential life-skill, do not wait any longer in exposing your child to swimming! Time to be rid of the stress of having your child near deep water

Learn to swim from our specialized adult swimming coach who are trained to give precise instruction and proper stroke correction to help adults, learn the basic and master swimming within a month or two !

Looking for specialised swimming teachers to learn something different ?

The only swimming course in Singapore that equips one with unique skills to survive in harsh distress conditions in deep water, such that one is able to continue swimming while waiting to be rescued, or even independently all the way back to shore.

We teach you to ensure your safety in the sea and also to gain a steady improvement in your times and distances.

Look no further than our fun workouts that take into account personal preferential workload, intensity, equipment. We implement games, science, and intensity to ensure one never has to face the problem of needing to motivate oneself to go for a workout! Try us out!



Every individual picks up swimming at a different pace based on their towards sports and physical physiology. Be comfortable learning with us as we tailor lessons to one's learning ability. Patience is our forte.


Lessons are structured in a way that one would never feel alone or threatened by the water. We are always within touching distance of our students and we take pride in our parents and students feeling safe and confident in our instructors.

Your Swim Progress

We have years of experience guiding absolute beginners of any age to skilled swimmers. Our motto of ensuring swimming is something for everyone always stays. 

At SwimRay :

  • Your swimming progress is guaranteed
  • Swimming lessons are carefully designed with an individuals' psychology and physiology in mind
  • Convert swimming into your muscle memory
  • Fun at all times!

Interested to know more about Private Swimming Lesson ? Find out more on Learn To Swim page! 

Looking for something different?

Check out SwimRay Special Programs !

More than 25 public Swimming Pools in Singapore are built for good reasons!

Don't miss out the benefits of swimming!
Here are 6 reasons why you should swim!

Joints & Muscles

Swimming helps strengthen muscles around the joint without having too much impact. It’s an ideal exercise for seniors that suffer from joints pain.


The buoyancy and resistance of water makes swimming an ideal low-impact exercise for physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Cardiovascular Strength

Swimming regularly helps strengthen your cardiovascular health - as water resistance makes your circulation system work harder against it.


Swimming relaxes your muscles and release stress - It provides soothing effect to the mind as how yoga and meditation do.

Life Skills

Don't let the fear of water stop you from exploring all the water activities ! Equip yourself with the life skills that every adult and child should have!

Weight Lose

Swimming is a full body exercise requires major body muscles working together. It stimulates blood flow and increases metabolism rate - An hour of swimming burns up more than 600 calories.

Swim With Us

SwimRay gives you the personal attention you deserve. We personalize swimming lessons according to differing needs. It's never too young or too late to get in the water, feel confident, and have fun!

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